$ 13.84

ex. VAT
  • 15 Slots


$ 26.31

ex. VAT
  • 30 Slots


$ 38.77

ex. VAT
  • 45 Slots


$ 51.23

ex. VAT
  • 60 Slots


$ 63.70

ex. VAT
  • 75 Slots


$ 76.15

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  • 85 Slots


$ 84.47

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  • 100 Slots



$ 0.45

ex. VAT
  • 15-100 Slots

Currently we only offer ARK servers for PC.

Xbox One and PS4 servers will be coming in the future!

What is ARK?

ARK Survival Evolved is a game that’s currently in early access on Steam (PC) and Xbox One, it’s a hugely popular game from Studio Wildcard that has many players across the globe. We have tailored our servers to ensure that our ARK servers run perfectly, with lots of helpful features such as our custom build workshop map and mod installer, on demand backups, custom command lines and of course you get full access to all of your servers files on our file manager and over FTP. We also have a plentiful knowledgebase to help you get your server started.

In ARK you are dropped onto a primal island and have to fight to survive in the world of dinosaurs, you must hunt for food, harvest resources to craft items and create shelter, research and learn new technologies to advance forward in the game and much more. You can find out more on the ARK official website.


All of our ARK servers come with full support for all the ARK DLC. This means you can run any of the official expansions such as ScorchedEarth map, TheCenter map and the Primitive+ DLC. You are also able to run Procedurally Generated ARK (PGARK) maps on your server, and install any workshop modded map with our custom built mod installer.

Cluster servers using the ARK obelisks gateway system are easy to setup and use on our services, all you need to do is configure the command line on each of the servers and everything is automatically setup! Our systems will handle the rest and link the servers.

You can choose to either run two or more servers in a multi-server cluster, or run multiple maps on a single server and use the ARK obelisks to transfer items between them. This gives you the flexibility to switch between servers anytime you want, each server can have a completely different map, configurations and even different mods loaded!


Looking for ARK Survival of the Fittest game servers? Just head over here: Survival of the Fittest.

  • TCAdmin control panel
  • Full FTP file access
  • Steam Workshop mod support
  • Advanced Steam Workshop mod installer and updater with intelligent update checking
    Update your servers mods in less than a minute!
  • Scheduled Tasks
  • Easy to use configuration editors
  • Support for all Official DLC

    • Ragnarok
    • TheCenter
    • Primitive+
    • ScorchedEarth
    • Procedurally Generated ARK (PGARK)
  • ARK Cluster support
  • Manual & Automatic backups
  • Custom command lines
DDoS Protection

DDoS Protection

Our game servers come with protection from DDoS attacks, so that your service is never affected.

Instant setup

Instant setup

Once we receive payment for your order, your game service is instantly created and installed onto our servers!

Mod Support

Mod Support

Our control panel has a built-in automated Steam Workshop mod installer and updater.

Fast servers

Fast servers

Our servers use the best hardware available, with ECC memory, powerful processors and SSD storage.

Powered by TCAdmin

TCAdmin Control Panel

Our ARK game servers are powered by TCAdmin which gives you a fast and easy to use experience!

24/7 UK Support

Awesome Support

Fast and friendly support team, here anytime you need help from us. To submit a ticket just head over here.

Our Server Locations

London, UK - Calais, France - Strasbourg, France - Montreal, Canada - New York, US - Los Angeles, US London, UK - Calais, France - Strasbourg, France - Montreal, Canada - New York, US - Los Angeles, US London, UK - Calais, France - Strasbourg, France - Montreal, Canada - New York, US - Los Angeles, US